[ she’s got her laptop settled on her knees, sorting through the latest wave of files and trying to find the source of the strange spikes of energy in an area that was supposed to be highly restricted.

                       the music startles her, but a second later, her tense shoulders relax and she grins. a quick dip into her mind and she senses the familiar energy signature behind the couch. ]


"Is this your way of telling me we’re due for a Disney marathon, Ash?"

[ moving out from behind the couch, ashtyn grins. she picks up peter’s phone and stuffs it into her back pocket. she’ll have to thank him later for letting her borrow it. ]


         [ she sits down next to her aunt, glancing at the laptop screen briefly. ]

What are you working on?”

say something i’m giving up on you au where muse a is in a coma and muse b is their significant other and when it’s clear muse a isn’t going to wake up, muse b moves on. BUT THEN muse a wakes up. and muse b isn’t there. and angst. lots of it.

Are you ready? For the world to see who you really are? 


> independent roleplay blog for SKYE from AGENTS OF SHIELD
                  >> eight months experience playing character
> open to AUs, crossovers, original characters, etc.
                  >> semi-selective, periodically choosy
> comfortable with icon convos, para, and novella length threads
                  >> does not write greeters, open to plotting
> Skype available to mutuals, for IC & OOC purposes

                                                » home.exe
                                                » rules.doc
                                                » mailto:ask


people who don’t sit through the credits after a marvel movie are weak and won’t last the winter.

"Hey do you wanna rolepl-‘

(ʘ‿ʘ✿) of fucking course I wanna roleplay don’t even ask


                                               Ɲo sleep.
                                                         Just r u n n i n g.


u know when ur fav character does something that should be really badass and actually is really badass

but all u can do is look at them and just shake ur head like

what a nerd



"Oh, Mr. Rogers? Sorry, but I haven’t seen him around, I didn’t know he had a daughter."

      “Well, adopted daughter.
                I’m Ashtyn. Ashtyn Stark-Rogers. What’s your name.”

+ 5


"Right. And why’d you do when I specifically told you no?"

[ Steve asked and crossed his arms, looking like a stern parent. He hated to be the bad cop but God knew that Tony was the Disneyland parent. ]


"Because it was too cold to play outside."


[ She bit her lip, looking down at the pieces of broken vase of the floor. At least it wasn’t one of the important pieces of decoration in the Tower or one of her dad’s new tech pieces. ]

                “I’ll clean that up in a minute.”

; the disneyland parent. that’s the best description of tony i have ever read


[She doesn’t text back for at least 5 minutes.]

[Text]; it’s fine. i mean, it’s not your fault, right? nothing could be done.

[Text]; … just bell peppers. And sausage. Thank you.

[ text ] i know. doesn’t mean i still can’t be sorry.

[ text ] bell peppers and sausage, got it.

[ text ] want any sauce or garlic bread with that?